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Samantha is a groomer at Voorhees Veterinary Center who is passionate about making each and every pet look and feel their best.

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Samantha, Voorhees

Joined 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Samantha. I have a heart full of passion for pups and years of experience making pups pretty. I've dedicated my life to ensuring your pets look and feel their best. From pampering paws to stylish trims, I've got tails wagging and dogs strutting out of our salon. However while I do love dogs, I consider myself more of a cat person. I have two kittens of my own that I have at home. Grooming cats is also a passion of mine and I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and experience working with them! My favorite types of dogs to groom are “Oodles” (Which is what I like to call poodle and poodle mixes) When I'm not surrounded by fur, I’m a real nerd for video games and tv shows! Let's make your pet’s grooming experience a pawsitively delightful one!

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