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Veterinary Internal Medicine in Voorhees

Our Voorhees vets provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of internal medicine conditions in pets, including heart disease, diabetes, immune system issues, and urinary tract conditions.

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Diagnosing & Treating Internal Medical Conditions

Veterinary internal medicine involves treating diseases and disorders of a cat or dog's internal systems. 

Our veterinarians bring years of extensive experience in diagnosing and treating challenging internal medical conditions, such as neurological disorders, heart disease, kidney failure, and cancer, and more. 

At Voorhees Veterinary Center, we have a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment methods at our disposal, allowing us to deliver the most efficient and appropriate care possible to our patients. We can manage the treatment of cats and dogs with multiple diseases or disorders, and provide effective alternatives for any patients that do not respond well to standard treatment. 

Veterinary Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Conditions

If your pet is exhibiting symptoms of an internal condition, our veterinarians will conduct a comprehensive physical exam to diagnose the issue and create a detailed treatment plan customized to their needs. 

Our veterinarians diagnose and treat ailments in the following areas:

Specialist Referrals

Your pet's health is our top priority. Whatever internal condition they are suffering from, our team is committed to providing them with the highest level of veterinary care - even if that means it's not with us.

We understand that some conditions require the care of a specialist. If your pet needs a procedure or expertise that we do not offer, we will refer you to an experienced veterinary internal medicine specialist near you.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

We support our comprehensive approach to dog and cat internal medicine with advanced testing, imaging, and other diagnostic procedures. 

Our in-house veterinary lab is equipped with the technology we need to quickly diagnose your pet's internal medicine condition so we can start treatment right away.  

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