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Financing & Pet Insurance

To help make your pet's veterinary care more affordable, Voorhees Veterinary Center is proud to offer easy financing options for veterinary care through CareCredit and Scratchpay. We also have information about pet insurance.

Financing with CareCredit

Easy Credit Card Financing for Pet Care

The CareCredit credit card provides a flexible payment option for your veterinary expenses. 

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* Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required.

CareCredit FAQs

The following are some of the most common questions our vets get about financing patients' care with the CareCredit credit card.

  • What is CareCredit?

    CareCredit is a healthcare credit card. It can serve as a way to pay for a variety of medical expenses, including your pet's veterinary care with convenient monthly payments.*

    The CareCredit card is accepted at over 250,000 providers and retail locations across the country such as Voorhees Veterinary Center.

    *Subject to credit approval.

  • How do I apply for a CareCredit card?

    The fastest way to apply for a CareCredit card is to visit their website here. There, you can see if you pre-qualify for a CareCredit credit card and, if pre-qualified, you can preview your credit limit.

    After checking whether you pre-qualify, you can either apply online at the link above, by phone or in person at our Voorhees clinic or another participating healthcare office.

    *Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to apply by phone (must be 18 or older to apply through other means). Applicants by phone must have written copy of the credit card agreement before proceeding, which can be printed from or can be obtained from our clinic.

  • How do I use my CareCredit card?

    You can use your CareCredit card just like you use any other credit card.

    As long as you stay within your credit limit, you can use your card to pay for any veterinary expenses you may have at Voorhees Veterinary Center or other participating healthcare providers without needing to apply each time.

  • What procedures can I use my CareCredit card for?

    The CareCredit card can be used for veterinary medical procedures at providers in the CareCredit network, from surgeries and routine exams to dental care and more. 

    The following are some examples of the treatments and procedures that a CareCredit card can be used for:

    • Annual check-ups
    • Teeth cleaning
    • Parasites
    • Medication
    • Vaccinations
    • Microchipping
    • Pet food and nutrition
    • Rehab
    • Diagnostics
    • Spay and neutering
    • Chemotherapy
    • Surgical procedures
    • Emergency services

Scratchpay Logo

Payment Plan Options With Scratchpay

Scratchpay offers simple, friendly payment plans for veterinary care that won’t affect your credit score.

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* Subject to credit approval. 

Scratchpay FAQs

The following are some of the FAQs asked by our clients about the financing options provided by Scratchpay.

  • What is Scratchpay?

    Scratchpay is a simple financing solution, designed to provide simple and transparent payment plans for financing the costs associated with veterinary care in addition to other healthcare costs.

  • How do I apply for Scratchpay?

    Applicants for Scratchpay financing must be U.S. Residents that are 18 years of age or older. Children under the age of 18 are not eligible to participate in the offerings on this website.

    You can apply for a Scratchpay payment plan from any internet-connected device at the link to the left and receive a decision instantly without any hard credit checks that may impact your credit score.

    There is no need to wait until you arrive at our Voorhees office to apply.  We recommend, however, that you contact us in advance for an estimate of the cost of care before applying for Scratchpay.

    If you have any questions before your application, our veterinary team would be more than happy to address them at your appointment or by phone.

  • Is Scratchpay accepted by all veterinary clinics?

    No. Scratchpay is exclusively accepted at partner clinics that have registered to provide their clients these services, such as Voorhees Veterinary Center.

  • What kind of medical bills can I use Scratchpay to pay?

    As long as your veterinarian is a Scratchpay partner like Voorhees Veterinary Center, you can apply to use Scratchpay to create payment plans for as may expenses as you need.

    Applying will not affect your credit score and you will be informed about what plans are available for your pet's care within seconds of applying.

Pet Insurance

Advancements in veterinary medicine offer your pet more sophisticated diagnostics and treatments. Once fatal diseases are now treatable.

We understand that keeping your pet healthy can strain your finances and when medical emergencies occur, the unexpected costs can add anxiety to an already stressful situation.

Pet insurance can offer the peace of mind to know that when your pet is in crisis, you can afford to provide the necessary care. Pet insurance is modestly priced and can save both your pet and your pocketbook.

Pet insurance companies can differ greatly, which is a good thing for you. You have the option to choose coverage that is comprehensive or more basic plans that just provide help for a catastrophic situation.

To help you make these choices, we suggest you read the perspective of other pet owners and explore the plans and costs at Pet Insurance Review.

Pet Insurance FAQs

How can you decide what insurance plan is best for your pet? To help we've prepared a list of the most important questions to ask when comparing pet insurance plans for your dog or cat.

  • How does the plan reimburse? (Actual% of vet bill vs. benefit schedule)

    A benefit schedule is a list of diagnoses and the maximum amount that the pet insurance plan will pay if your pet requires treatment for that diagnosis. In large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, the benefit schedule payout can be much less than the actual treatment costs. As a result, you may be left paying a large portion of the bill even though you have pet insurance.

  • Does the plan cover genetic conditions?

    Many people love purebred dogs and cats but purebreds can harbor genetic and hereditary illnesses. For example, Labrador Retrievers are more prone to getting hip dysplasia, Poodles to progressive retinal atrophy, and Chihuahuas to luxating patellas. Mixed-breed dogs and cats are also susceptible to genetic conditions.

    The surgery and treatment options for these genetic conditions can be very expensive and only a few pet insurance plans cover them. Make sure the plan you choose covers your pet.

  • What is and is not covered?

    Is it clearly stated on the company's website exactly what you're getting? The last thing you want is to make a claim and find out afterward that the company won't cover your pet's condition for one reason or another. Is a medical history review offered so that if there is a complex medical history you will know if there are any exclusions?

  • Are there per-incident limits?

    An incident is any given accident or illness and per-incident limits restrict the overall amount you can be reimbursed.

    For example, let's say your dog is hit by a car and requires surgery and follow-ups that add up to $5,500 over a period of a year. If there is a per-incident limit of $4,000 then the pet insurance company will reimburse you up to the per-incident limit. In this case, you would be out of pocket $1,500 (that is $5,500 minus $4,000). Some companies have per-incident limits that are also lifetime limits and, once they're reached, you will receive no more reimbursement for that condition at all for the rest fo your pet's life.

  • What are the rules around pre-existing conditions?

    Are they excluded permanently or temporarily? Some plans exclude all pre-existing conditions while others differentiate between pre-existing conditions that are "curable" and "incurable" so that you may get coverage in the future for curable conditions.

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