Meet Mr. Burns


We  met Mr. Burns when he was brought from the  Camden County Shelter to our hospital. We had been seeking animals with burn injuries so that we could assist them with a cutting edge treatment using medicinal honey.


He was Found in Camden with a telephone cord wrapped around his neck and third degree burns covering his chest and back. He clearly was the victim of severe abuse. In spite of his injuries, he quickly charmed his care givers with his adventurous and comical personality


Over  a period of nine months he was treated with medicinal honey, cold laser treatments, daily bandage changes, and finally, a complex surgery to repair the underlying tissue damage.


These are photos of his wounds, artistic bandaging, cold laser treatments, and his Thundershirt which protected him and allowed him playtime with other cats.


He  was ultimately was adopted by and continues to be adored by Dr. Marc.  He now lives with a pitbull named Millie, a lab mix named Idgie, and two other adopted cats, Orange Cat and Scooter Bug.


He is finally a happy cat!  



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Creative Bandages


Fun and creative bandages help healing time be less stressful. 


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