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The good news is that advancements in veterinary medicine offer your pet much more sophisticated diagnositics and treatments allowing us to detect and address conditions that in the past may have gone unnoticed.  In some cases, once fatal diseases are now treatable.  However, sometimes keeping your pet healthy can strain your finances.  Additionally, when medical emergencies occur, the unexpected costs adds additonal anxiety to an already stressful situation. 


Pet insurance may offer you the peace of mind to know that when

your pet is in crisis, you can afford to provide the medical assistance

necessary. Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance is modestly

priced and can save both your pet and your pocketbook. 


Pet insurance companies can differ greatly from one another which is a

good thing for you.  For example, you can choose coverage that is

comprehensive or just provides help for a catastrophic situation. You can

avail yourself of discounts for having a multipet family and choose a

deductible that meets your needs.  To help you make these choices,

we suggest you read the perspective of other pet owners and explore the

plans and costs at:

Pet Insurance Review


We accept all insurance plans at The Voorhees Veterinary Center and have

no affifiation with any pet insurance company. In an effort to assist our clients, we’ve researched many providers and can tell you many of our clients have had good experiences with the following companies:


Truly an inexpensive way to help

your pet in time of need.

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