Free Seminars With Our Doctors

All our classes and seminars are open to all, so tell a friend!  

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           TEETH WISDOM FOR YOUR PET           Date TBD

           WITH DR. KAPLAN


Discussion about easy home care routines for maintaining oral wellness and comprehensive information about how your veterinarian can head off serious problems to general health through proper dental care.




CBD AND YOUR PETS                              Tuesday, February 25th @ 6:00pm

WITH MARY BETH ROSAUER                      



Studies indicate CBD (Cannabidiol) has been increasin the comfort levels of pets suffering from arthritis, epilepsy, surgery discomfort, anxiety caused by seperation from their family or thunderstorms, ect.  If you would like to know more, please join us!




          OLD AGE IS  NOT A DISEASE            Date TBD

           WITH DR. BRODY


Because every day is precious for our geriatric pets, learn the best ways to keep them comfortable and active from easing arthritic pain to progressive medical advances and holistic care to keep you senior vibrant and healthy.



Grain Free Diet Seminar                  Date TBD   

WITH DR. GARTLAND                     


Many dog owners have chosen to feed grain free dog food to their pets.  Unfortunately,  FDA studies have now found a link between grain free diets and a common but very severe form of caridac heart disease - Dilated Cardiomyopathy. 



           TALKING CATS                                    Date TBD

           WITH DR. KAPLAN


Feline behavior issues, health concerns, household dangers and calming techniques as well as many other feline related topics are discussed to better understand your enigmatic family member.



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