Who is cuter than a KITTEN? 

Kittens are first seen at 6 to 8 weeks of age.  It is important at this time to make sure they do not have any early life threatening diseases.  Cat are screened on their first visits for feline leukemia and feline aids. In addtion, they are screened for common feline parasites.  At the time of their first visit, an immunization protocol is determined based on your cat's risk profile.  Cats who are allowed to venture outdoors must have a different vaccine and parasite protection program than those who remain indoors at all times.  We encourage all owners living in urban or suburban settings to keep their cats indoors at all times.  


Kittens are seen 3 times during their first 4 months to insure complete vaccine protection and to observe normal growth patterns.  At the age 6 months neutering is recommended.  This procedure (hysterectomy in females, castration is males) does not require an overnight stay. 


We discourage the declawing of cats for humane reasons.  Before a cat is declawed,  the procedure, the need and options are discussed so the owner can make an informed choice.  Many cats do not use their claws destructively  and many who do can be hindered by frequent nail trims or soft caps applied to the claws.  In the rare cases that a declaw is indicated, the pet must stay overnight to be confined and observed for any discomfort and to remove bandages.  Some instances when declawing may be necessary might include cats scratching elderly owners or those owners on debilitating medications or situations where the cat may lose his or her home unless the procedure is performed.  


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