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Spaying & Neutering

Many of the millions of cats and dogs euthanized in shelters

each year are very much like the family pets we have at home. Yes, spay and neuter.  It is the right thing to do.


Spaying and neutering also reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate disease and eliminates the too frequent occurrences of infections of the uterus and testicular cancer.


It also increases your ability to curb your pet's negative behavior such as running away, biting and marking territory.



Nail Caps 

     Prefer not to declaw? Ask about Nail Caps!



Safety Tips  

  • Always, always keep a collar with an identification tag on your pets.
  • Keep cats in a secure and comfortable pet carrier when you take them outside.

For more information visit the HomeAgain website >



Emergency Care  

Visit our Emergency Care page for more info >



Indoor Cats are Happy Cats

While some well-meaning owners believe cats must go outside to get proper exercise, they are unaware of the

number of sad and preventable problems this causes. 


The Humane Society of The United States estimates that the average age for a free-roaming cat is about 3 years, this is compared to the average indoor cat who lives 12-18 years.


Thousands of deaths and injuries are caused by cars, attacks by other animals, abuse by neighbors who do not like cats, poisons, exposure to feline disease such as leukemia to name a few.


From an ecological perspective, cats are responsible for tremendous unnecessary damage to wildlife.


Consciencious owners provide cat toys for stimulation, cat grass for grazing and keep that litter box clean. 


Learn more at The Humane Society of the United States >


Even better, adopt another cat as a playmate for companionship!


Go to Petfinder.com to assist you with pet adoptions >




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