Puppy Care

We LOVE Puppies!


Their basic healthcare is a cooperative venture. There is no cookbook approach to puppy medical care, but rather, a personalized medical and training protocol arrived at by a consultation with your veterinarian.


Puppies begin their vaccination protocol and medical

evaluation at 6 to 8 weeks of age.  They traditionally have

3 visits in their first 4 months after which they have completed their immunizations and been introduced to a preventative care regiment which includes monthly parasite prevention and flea medications.  To help them along their way, we offer a free monthly obedience seminar by a certified dog training instructor.


When puppies are 6 to 10 months of age a sterilization surgery is normally performed (hysterectomy in females, castration in males).  These procedures are discussed in detail with your veterinarian and now allow your pet to

return home the same day as the surgery.  It is understood that puppy pet owners have many questions and that young dogs are a challenge.  For this reason your professional staff is available to speak with you about these problems.



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