1) What do i do about my dog's arthritis?

2) Ear infections and your dog.

3) Sixers and NBA Talk with Dr. Marc

4) Dental Care

5) Prescription Foods


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What do I do about my dog's arthritis?


October 2015

9min 33 sec.


Dr. Marc Dog Arthritis


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  • Rhyan Paglione (Friday, October 27 17 09:36 am EDT)

    Really good information for pet owners with older dogs, I will keep this in mind when my pup gets a little older.

Ear infections and your dog.


January 2016

4 minutes 39 seconds

Dr. Marc Ear Infections


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  • Jonathan P (Friday, October 27 17 09:42 am EDT)

    I feel horrible every time my pet Max has an ear infection. Thanks for the information to help ease his pain.

  • Rhyan Paglione (Sunday, August 06 17 12:11 pm EDT)

    Helpful hints for our floppy ear friends!

  • Tom (Sunday, October 16 16 06:25 pm EDT)

    Was a BIG help for my pooch! It was really hard watching her keep scratching at her ear. Some good advice for relief...thanks Dr. Marc!!

  • Nikki (Wednesday, October 12 16 10:29 pm EDT)

    I feel so lost when my dog is aggravated with ANOTHER ear infection. The information I got from this podcast will be VERY helpful. Thanks Dr. Marc!

  • susan (Thursday, February 11 16 12:36 pm EST)

    Great information! Very Helpful!

  • Celia (Thursday, January 07 16 04:26 pm EST)

    Ear infections are so difficult. Very helpful tips.

  • Joanne Dorofy (Thursday, January 07 16 02:58 pm EST)

    Some ear infections are extremely frustrating for our pets. I appreciate the information.

  • Mary Beth (Thursday, January 07 16 02:53 pm EST)

    Simple instructions to help a common problem.

Sixers and NBA Talk With Dr. Marc


January 23, 2016

48 minutes 28 seconds


Click here to listen to Dr. Marc on Sam's Sports Podcast


Dental Care


February 2016

4 minutes 35 seconds


Dr. Marc Dental Care

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  • Susan (Thursday, February 11 16 11:49 am EST)

    It is wonderful how much help is available to prevent and assist our pets with teeth issues. Tooth aches are no fun!

  • NLB (Wednesday, October 12 16 10:31 pm EDT)

    My dog's breath is the worst!!! You are SO helpful Dr. Marc, thank you. Please keep the podcasts coming!

  • Tom (Sunday, October 16 16 06:28 pm EDT)

    This one was REALLY helpful. Some obvious clues to look for to make sure they don't lead to bigger problems!

  • Colette (Sunday, July 30 17 02:57 pm EDT)

    This is very informative especially for the day to day things I can do to avoid future problems with my cat's teeth

  • Rhyan Palione (Sunday, August 06 17 12:17 pm EDT)

    I feel my pet's pain, I dislike my mouth touched just as much as she does. Never knew the importance of dental care for my pet until now! Hopefully I can keep her teeth clean and healthy with these tips.

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Prescription Foods



February 2016

5 minutes 12 seconds


Dr. Marc Prescription Food


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  • Rhyan Paglione (Sunday, August 06 17 12:25 pm EDT)

    Very interesting information. Good to know that prescription foods can help treat our pet's diseases. Seems like a great alternative to medication.

  • Nic (Wednesday, October 12 16 10:33 pm EDT)

    Ever since I put my dog on prescription food, I didn't fully understand the benefits. This podcast really helped answer my questions. Thanks, as always, Dr. Marc

  • Jen S. (Wednesday, October 12 16 11:25 am EDT)

    Metabolic diet has been very helpful in helping me control my Abby's weight. Between this and the arthritis medication she is so much more comfortable.

  • Susan (Thursday, May 05 16 10:43 am EDT)

    Prescription J/D(Joint Diet) has helped my Boxer with her painful knees. She took pain medication every day. We started feeding her Presc J/D and saw a positive difference within 4 weeks and after 6
    weeks of feeding J/D, she no longer needed pain medication. It's been 1 year since starting MonkeyBean with J/D and she continues to do very well.
    Thank you for recommending it to us!

  • Susan Engel (Thursday, February 11 16 11:43 am EST)

    Dr.Marc, Thank you for this important information.
    I have found that the Prescription food J/D (Joint Diet) has helped my Boxer with pain she had in her knees. Once she began eating J/D, she was able to stop all pain medication. It is so much easier
    to feed a prescription food than to give medication several times a day.

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